Bucket List

Machu Picchu, Peru – remnants of a lost civilization Brazil – Rio, futbol, beaches, rainforests, shamans Nepal – Himalayas, trekking, tigers, monkeys, Buddhist temples India – Varanasi, the River Ganges, Hinduism, spice plantations, Indian cuisine, Rama Empire Maldives – Indian… Read More ›

Portland, Oregon

I love Portland! My dog and I lived in Hillsdale, a neighborhood in Southwest Portland, in 2006 and 2007. In that timeframe, I enrolled in master’s courses in Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University. I also took the… Read More ›

Athens: On Colorful Footings

As my impromptu quest approached the Balkan Peninsula, a foremost sensation arose: supreme serenity, divergent from Jerusalem, palpable nonetheless. Idyllic islands peppering the vast Aegean Sea, wrapped in pine, cedar, and olive. Fishing boats, catamarans, cruise and industrial ships, arriving and departing the port at Piraeus.

Jerusalem: the Lion of this Kingdom

In May of 2009, my mother and I traversed France over 10 days. On our final day, at a Paris hotel, I perused cheap flights on the Internet, chancing upon a low-cost Belgian airline, Jetairfly, with one-way flights from Liege, Belgium, to Tel Aviv, for 99 euros.